Happy DIY Friday

1. Flowers 2. Gift Wrapping 3. Light Bulb Vases

My goodness, I honestly never imaged that Made From Scratch would continue to be so popular that it would crash again! I’m so honoured and thrilled that it does get to this stage, but I am hoping that it won’t happen again. I also can’t believe that it’s Friday again, what does everyone have planned for the weekend? I am hoping this weekend is a little more relaxing than what we’ve been having lately, but I’m sure that we will find something fun to do on the house. If you’re wondering what to do this weekend, why not try one of the sweet little DIY projects above, I love the light bulb vases I think they are so wonderful. Happy Friday everyone, xx

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  • cindy

    the light bulbs are brilliant. enjoy your weekend!

    • Made From Scratch

      I know how wonderful are they, I can’t wait to try them! Hope you had a lovely weekend too. xx