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Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far and you have something even better planed for the long weekend ahead. I’m not really sure what we’re doing, but we have been talking a lot about adding some more art work to our house. We already have a pretty good collection, but its time to expand it…only trouble is deciding what to get. Once you start looking there are so many amazing prints and paintings out there. I do love these prints by Jan Skácelík I’ve always thought that your home should be decorated with a touch of sense of humor and these pieces are perfect, what do you think? xx

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Happy Monday everyone, I hope that you had a fantastic weekend I’d love to hear what you got up to. If you are just about to start your Christmas shopping {or even if you have finished and are still on the hunt for something}, here is my holiday gift guide for the man in your life! Happy Christmas shopping and wrapping everyone. x

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For those who have been lovely enough to have been following Made From Scratch for a while, you will know that I am complety obsessed with the details of a party, wedding or home. In other words the little things that make your house a home, your outfit pop or something to help make your guests feel extra special at your next event. I’d love to know what your favourite little things are, at the moment I’m on the hunt for anything new I can add to our home. xx


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I love being able to potter on the internet and find pretty new things, and honestly nothing is sweeter than these cake toppers from Ready Go I would love to host a party and adorne some cupcakes and cakes with these! Whats your favourite? xx



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Spring is certainly here, the days are getting longer, its not as cold and there are some amazingly bright yet soft cherry blossoms flowering everywhere you look, it also means that the cherry season is about to arrive! Oh they’re amazing by themselves or even better if baked into a chocolate cherry cupcake! Something I defiantly need to make once our lovely kitchen if finished!

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I’m so so sorry for the late post today, I have had a crazy week so far… I am asked a lot if I am lucky enough to just blog, of course that is my dream but for now I think I would get a little bored. So at the moment I am in a way working 4 different jobs, I nanny for two amazing families, work 3 days a week as a office manager, run Made From Scratch and we are still crazy busy renovating our home-to-be. I absolutely love what I do but phew I rely so much on my iphone calender. I thought that it would be fitting to introduce you to Shop Dirtsa, by far some of the coolest pillows, maps and globes you’ll ever see! I especially love the globe pillow and chalkboard map. Whats your favourite? xx

I hope that everyone had a really lovely weekend and have a wonderful week planned, its finally cold enough in Auckland to call it winter, its nice in its own way. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to find this stunning Etsy shop called Quaint Collectors run by husband and wife team Cindy & Scott, its a beautiful and well thought out collection of the most beautiful vintage pieces that you would love to have in your home, they also run a lovely daily blog that you must have a look at. Happy Monday everyone, xx


Spicy Mustard

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I want to thank everyone for the incredibly kind comments about my feature on The Erin Simpson Show on Monday, its amazing knowing that so many of you tuned in to watch it. Its a rather grey and gloomy day here in Auckland, whats more perfect than these pretty mustard hues to brighten up your day!