Without noticing I’ve been following a very pretty pastel theme for the past few days with posts like this and of course my Instagram feed – it’s just so pretty but of course just from taking a peek at Made From Scratch you would know that I’ve a soft spot for these soft hues. So when I stumbled upon this gorgeous pastel kitchen with touches of copper I simply had to share it. My poor hubby is now worried that he’s going to come home to a pastel kitchen one day – I personally think it would be amazing and would make such a lovely statement piece for your home! What do you think? Would you ever be bold enough to have a pastel kitchen one day? I hope you have a truly lovely day planned, I’m off to the Food Show today to try some delicious goodies, you can follow what I’m up to here. x

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One of my absolute favourite parts about blogging is being able to stumble upon and admire the way that others style and design their home, and then of course share it with all of you. This lovely Melbourne home is one of those that will quickly inspire you to either redecorate a room, add some mismatched pattern into a bathroom or go on a massive cleaning spree – either way, it’s absolutely beautiful and such a stunning home. I love the blonde wood cabinets in the black white bathroom paired with a strong patterned tile on the floor, it’s just perfect. And of course the all white kitchen with the circle thumb nooks to open the draws – it’s such a clever idea and such a clean look. One of the things that we’re really wanting to achieve in our next home that we renovate is to add a more texture through wooden panelling on the walls, beautiful tiles and different materials throughout the home – and this beautiful Melbourne home that I spotted on Share Design is a lovely place to start daydreaming of out next reno. x

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One of hidden challenges of working for yourself are the days when you completely run out of inspiration – it would be hugely unfair of me to say that creating something to share every day is easy… sometimes is just isn’t. Yesterday was one of those days for me, until I stumbled upon this magical image and my day where everything that was hard and ‘boring’ stopped in an instant. Sara Medina’s absolutely stunning blog and instagram feed is one of those that is so beautiful it instantly cleans away all the doubts and worry and replaces it with that magic creative spark that you were so worried you’d lost. I’ve no doubt that you’ll quickly fall in love with Sara’s clean elegant style, where perfect natural light and clean crisp white, soft greys and delicate blush tones rule throughout our her beautiful photography – her work is absolute heaven, and I’m now dreaming of moving to Stockholm and living in a beautiful all white apartment! I hope everyone has a lovely day planned, I’d love to hear what inspires you on ‘blah’ days. x

be sure to follow Sara’s beautiful blog, instagram and pinterest – they’re beyond divine!

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I don’t think there is a woman alive who wouldn’t dream of having a beautiful walk in wardrobe, the extra storage space and a being able to lay everything out perfectly – and have a wall of shoes like this really would be a dream come true. Very good friends of ours are currently in the process of creating a beautiful walk in wardrobe, and in turn has inspired me to look out our wardrobes a little better and try and organise them as well as we can, so I thought I’d share a little winter wardrobe inspiration for this weekend as I plan on having a massive clean out in our wardrobe and try and work out how to create a space just for my shoes! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned, be sure to keep an eye out on the blog tomorrow, I’ve a delicious new recipe to share with you x

let liv moroccan leather pouf, natural | kikki.k storage box | country road lenoir cushiondouglas and bec – dressing tablecountry road elm vasefreedom elements dresser |

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Take a peek here for some beautiful kitchen and laundry storage inspiration to keep you busy while winter settles in



I love hunkering down in my office on rainy days, they’re always so productive and you finish the day feeling really good about everything. For those who so kindly follow me on instagram will have spotted that I’ve fallen a little in love with peg board since finding this pile of near new boards a few weeks ago in our local inorganic collection. Since then I’ve been moving it around the house and office trying to decide where to hang it and also what colour to paint it or leave it natural - I had so many lovely comments about what colour to choose and I finally settled on one. It’s a white paint with the slightest hint of mint, I didn’t want to get anything too bold, just yet, as I wanted the products that I style on it to pop. So in celebration of finding near new pegboard that has quickly found a spot in my office, here are a few of my favourite looks and products to style this versatile material – and of course office space. I’d love to know/see what you’d use pegboard for in your home. x

images : the design files | show home | april and may | jasmine dowling | home base collections | country road | items:  washi tape | oy pastel geo print | tilla hole punch | queen of hearts love star vase | freedom metro copper lamp | ear buds | silver bulldog clips |

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A little while ago I stumbled upon the most beautiful instagram feed that then led to one of the most lovely and thoughtful online shops I’ve seen in a while. I’ve been wanting to share these beautiful gifts by Bindle for a while now and thought that the middle of winter is the perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one of these gorgeous packs filled with easily the most well though out selection of Australian made items for any occasion. If you’re after a perfect gift idea for someone special be sure to take a peek at the full range of Bindles here – I’ve no doubt you’ll quickly fall in love with these truly stunning bindles. Happy shopping everyone. x







With the days getting shorter and colder it’s such a lovely time curl up inside and not feel bad about it at all – one of my favourite things to do during winter is to take myself to bed a little earlier than normal and curl up with a good book and delicious cup of tea. It always feels so indulgent. I’ve always had a deep love for beautiful bedding, it’s always been something that I’ve spent a little more on as I know that it will last and continue to get better with age – which was why I squealed with delight when I found out that Claudia from Indie Home Collective is now stocking the most beautiful Bedouin Societe linen bedding designed by Virginia Feldtman. To add a little more luxe to this already stunning collection – the linen used for their bedding is sourced from regions in Northern France, how divine is that? Not only is the bedding beyond soft to touch, it will last, get better with age and of course the pallet of neutral tones and pastels make for a perfect centrepiece to a French country inspired bedroom. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Indie Home Collective yet, make this the reason, I’ve no doubt you’ll fall madly in love with how Claudia has styled her beautiful shop. Happy lazy winter days everyone. x

Styling: Claudia Kozub | Photography: Manja Wachsmuth








 After a crazy few weeks of flying between Rarotonga, Brisbane twice and back again it’s so lovely to be home and to settle back into the groove of things. Again I have to thank you all so much for your generous and loving support towards Gem and her family, they’re beyond honoured by your kindness.

So I thought I’d share one of the most beautiful homes that I’ve stumbled upon in a while – a truly perfect mix of crisp white walls, blonde wood floors and furniture, the most stunning all white marble kitchen and of course the most beautiful pops of bright art and pastel furniture to add colour to this gorgeous home. I think over the years I’ve finally found ‘my style’ for our home decor, I’ve always been drawn to white, blond wood, pastel and bright pops of colour – to me it’s a truly perfect combination as it’s a pallet you can easily add or remove new pieces to easily. I’ve no doubt this beautiful home will spark a little home decor inspiration for you! x

| design and styling by Hecker Guthrie and Lucy Block | 

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