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Happy Friday everyone, I hope that you’ve had a fantastic week and your all enjoying the build up to Christmas, we set our tree up last night, something I get way to excited about. I mentioned a while ago the I love wrapping Christmas presents, there is just something so fun about it and of course so many ways to wrap them. Here are a few ideas that might help if your just about to start wrapping this weekend or next. I’d love to know what your up to this weekend, we’re hoping to start painting the outside of out house. xx

I mentioned on Friday’s post that I was doing a little orange and white DIY project, I finished it all on Friday night and and now so excited and happy to show you the final results. For those of you who have been following Made From Scratch for a while, you may remember that this dressing table originally looked like this. After a whole lot of sanding it became clean and white and I loved it being white, but seeing as our whole house is white, we needed to inject a little color into our bedroom, we are loving our ‘new’ orange dressing table. What do you think? xx

 ~ one: envelope ~ two: arrow ring ~ three: pencils ~ four: tape dispenser ~ five: scissors

For those who have been lovely enough to have been following Made From Scratch for a while, you will know that I am complety obsessed with the details of a party, wedding or home. In other words the little things that make your house a home, your outfit pop or something to help make your guests feel extra special at your next event. I’d love to know what your favourite little things are, at the moment I’m on the hunt for anything new I can add to our home. xx


Family Visits

Happy Friday everyone, so sorry for the late post today, we’ve been having a lovely day pottering around the house and having Grandma, Grandad {who gave us that gorgeous camellia plant} and Mum over for lunch. Ben was sweet enough to take a couple of days off around our anniversary, I have to say it’s so so nice having him around the house. We’ve got a few plans over the weekend, one include doing something with all our mint that is growing ridiculously fast {were thinking mojitos for our Halloween Party tomorrow night} and the other is to make a coffee table out of some pallets we found last weekend. What are your plans for the weekend I would love to hear, xx


Our Home

When Ben and I bought our first home in April 2011, it was by far the biggest financial decision we have ever made together the whole journey of renovating, painting and so many sleepless nights has been one of the most rewarding things we have done. After six full months of renovating while living at my amazing parents house we moved into our home in October 2011 and have loved every minute since. Naturally with any home, your to-do list is pages and pages long but there is honestly nothing more exciting than knowing that there is always something to do, something to improve or completely redo and of course creating a gorgeous garden! We are so proud of our home, we hope that you like what we have done – I promise there will be a lot more before and after photos to come!

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Phew, what a wonderfully busy few days we’ve had. I spent most of Saturday in the kitchen baking up a storm with Jolie, there really isn’t anything better than pottering in your new kitchen making Vanilla with White Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes and Chocolate with Raspberry Curd Cupcakes, drinking champagne and baking for our housewarming party that night. It was so wonderful to have everyone over and catch up, as always I forgot to take any photos of the party, just baking and dinner pong really, the perfect night to celebrate our new home! I also have some really exciting news, the lovely Coralee & Alex are going to take photos of our new humble abode in exchange for dinner and lots of baking from me, I can’t wait to have them over for dinner, I’m already planning on what to cook them! I hope that your are able to wait a little longer for the photos of our home, I promise it will be worth the wait. xx

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painted vases

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Happy Friday everyone, I hope that you have had the most wonderful week and have something fantastic planned for the weekend. We’ve had a pretty crazy week, but finally have some good news, we should be moving into our home by next weekend! We honestly can’t wait, it has been such a long year and I really am looking forward to slowing down. I also can’t wait to unpack my collection of glass vases and bottles from our wedding and fill them with flowers and maybe even paint a few of them. What are your plans this weekend, I’d love to know. xx


Spa-aah Party

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had an amazing weekend. I spent the whole weekend de-weeding/pulling out incredibly over grown garden beds at our home before we move in, whoa it was tough work but so rewarding. If your in need of a blissfully relaxing day my very lovely and talented friend Suzanne from She Paperie has teamed up with the amazing One Charming Party to host a beautiful Spa Party. Oh my how perfect are all the little details,  and would love to host a Spa Party all the wonderful women in my life. xx