Gosh, can anyone else believe that we’re now half way through 2014 – as fast as it’s going, it’s also been a really lovely year for us so far that’s been full of catching up with friends, dreaming incredibly big dreams for our future, planning new adventures to go on (like planing a trip back to Vietnam at the end of the year!!) and enjoying life without uni. It’s been bliss! I mentioned a little while ago that we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to rebrand Made From Scratch – it’s time to shake things up with a new look, layout and add a few exciting features to the blog. I’m so excited to say that the design is all finished (the perfectionist in me slowed everything down) and I’m now the proud new owner of a stunning new logo and blog, fingers crossed I’ll be able to unveil it in all it’s glory shortly.

So to celebrate a lovely year so far I thought I’d share a little collection of my favourite images that I’ve shared on Instagram during June. And also to thank each and everyone of supporting, sharing and being apart of this with me – none of this would ever be possible without you and I’m truly so honoured that you’re kind enough to support my work. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. x



I love hunkering down in my office on rainy days, they’re always so productive and you finish the day feeling really good about everything. For those who so kindly follow me on instagram will have spotted that I’ve fallen a little in love with peg board since finding this pile of near new boards a few weeks ago in our local inorganic collection. Since then I’ve been moving it around the house and office trying to decide where to hang it and also what colour to paint it or leave it natural - I had so many lovely comments about what colour to choose and I finally settled on one. It’s a white paint with the slightest hint of mint, I didn’t want to get anything too bold, just yet, as I wanted the products that I style on it to pop. So in celebration of finding near new pegboard that has quickly found a spot in my office, here are a few of my favourite looks and products to style this versatile material – and of course office space. I’d love to know/see what you’d use pegboard for in your home. x

images : the design files | show home | april and may | jasmine dowling | home base collections | country road | items:  washi tape | oy pastel geo print | tilla hole punch | queen of hearts love star vase | freedom metro copper lamp | band.do ear buds | silver bulldog clips |

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With the days getting shorter and colder it’s such a lovely time curl up inside and not feel bad about it at all – one of my favourite things to do during winter is to take myself to bed a little earlier than normal and curl up with a good book and delicious cup of tea. It always feels so indulgent. I’ve always had a deep love for beautiful bedding, it’s always been something that I’ve spent a little more on as I know that it will last and continue to get better with age – which was why I squealed with delight when I found out that Claudia from Indie Home Collective is now stocking the most beautiful Bedouin Societe linen bedding designed by Virginia Feldtman. To add a little more luxe to this already stunning collection – the linen used for their bedding is sourced from regions in Northern France, how divine is that? Not only is the bedding beyond soft to touch, it will last, get better with age and of course the pallet of neutral tones and pastels make for a perfect centrepiece to a French country inspired bedroom. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Indie Home Collective yet, make this the reason, I’ve no doubt you’ll fall madly in love with how Claudia has styled her beautiful shop. Happy lazy winter days everyone. x

Styling: Claudia Kozub | Photography: Manja Wachsmuth








 After a crazy few weeks of flying between Rarotonga, Brisbane twice and back again it’s so lovely to be home and to settle back into the groove of things. Again I have to thank you all so much for your generous and loving support towards Gem and her family, they’re beyond honoured by your kindness.

So I thought I’d share one of the most beautiful homes that I’ve stumbled upon in a while – a truly perfect mix of crisp white walls, blonde wood floors and furniture, the most stunning all white marble kitchen and of course the most beautiful pops of bright art and pastel furniture to add colour to this gorgeous home. I think over the years I’ve finally found ‘my style’ for our home decor, I’ve always been drawn to white, blond wood, pastel and bright pops of colour – to me it’s a truly perfect combination as it’s a pallet you can easily add or remove new pieces to easily. I’ve no doubt this beautiful home will spark a little home decor inspiration for you! x

| design and styling by Hecker Guthrie and Lucy Block | 

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One of my favourite parts about a wedding, party or special occasion, apart from the event its self of course, is shopping for the perfect gift. It’s just so much fun being able to find the perfect gift for someone and giving them something that they will hold dear for years to come – and of course if they’ve already set up a gift registry you know you’ll get them something they love! When Ben and I got married in 2010 there annoyingly weren’t many gift registries available to us, I think we ended up having three over various stores as there wasn’t one store that offered a wide range of options – it was ridiculously frustrating and I think we ended up setting up our own as Ben wanted to add a few of his own choices to the list. Not just linen and kitchenware.

Fast forward to 2014 where the incredibly clever Georgina and Sarah have created the most perfect one stop shop for any gift giving, or receiving, occasions – their truly stunning online gift registry The Lovely Registry! The idea is incredibly simple, you can create a personalised gift registry for any event you choose, be it a wedding, baby shower or birthday, and the best part, you can mix and match from local designers to international products, speaker systems for him and beautiful homewares for her – how perfect is that?! It’s truly a genius idea and I wish this was around when we got married. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite items from The Lovely Registry, their selection of gifts are so beautiful and I couldn’t think of a better place to create your dream wish list for your upcoming wedding or celebration.

Jel Confetti Shoot 11

Jel Confetti Shoot 01

Jel Confetti Shoot 19

Jel Confetti Shoot 30

Jel Confetti Shoot 06

Jel Confetti Shoot 22

Jel Confetti Shoot 24

Jel Confetti Shoot 25

Jel Confetti Shoot 32

Jel Confetti Shoot 28

Jel Confetti Shoot 02

Jel Confetti Shoot 04

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you’re all having a lovely start to the week. I’m terribly honoured to share this stunning confetti shoot that my amazing friend Ellie from Jel Photo captured a little while ago – the second she sent it through Pharrell William’s song “Happy” got instantly stuck in my head, because really who’s mood isn’t improved with bright confetti! You simply must take a peek at the rest of this stunning shoot by Jel Photo, every photo is more beautiful than the next – plus how cute is their kitten! And of course if you’re newly engaged, an engagement shoot like this would be such a perfect way to get used to having your photo taken before your wedding. x

| photography, Jel Photo | props and confetti, All the Frills | hair and make up, Alison Brewer |

Made-From-Scratch--Photos-by-Coralee-from-Coralee-and-Alex-(129-of-167) Happy Friday everyone, gosh this week has one of those weird weeks where it’s oddly calm but flat out busy! It’s been a week full of exciting changes surrounding my new design and logo, family matters that break the heart, delicious media launches and of course counting down the days until my hubby and I fly to Rarotonga next Saturday for a much needed holiday and a little down time. Our little holiday can’t come soon enough! After such a funny week full of every emotion known to man I’ve reached the end of the week so tired and a little unmotivated – thank goodness a break is just around the corner.

So I thought I would share something that brings so much joy to my heart, a little peek into something that two of my dearest friends help me style a little while ago – the truly talented Mel from All the Frills styled everything and my amazing friend Coralee (just wait until you see Coralee’s new brand and website, it’s incredible!!) photographed this beautiful dessert table, I quite like that you haven’t seen the whole thing as I can keep sharing bits and pieces from it. You can find all the recipes for these three cakes on the blog, here, here and here. I also want to share a few of my favourite things that I’ve stumbled upon during the week that you should defiantly take a peek at over the weekend. I hope everyone has a truly lovely weekend planned and to all the mama’s our there, Happy Mothers Day xo

a few of my favourite things

| bake this cake for Mothers Day! | follow this instagram account and fall in love | buy this coat for autumn/winter | and take a peek here and here for any last minute Mothers Day ideas |  


Hello May

Hello May | Made From Scratch Goodness, can anyone else believe that it’s May already?! This year is flying by so quickly. I thought I’d share a little roundup of a few of my favourite photos from Instagram that I took during April – I’ve been having so much fun styling my feed a little more and really thinking about how I want it to look. I hope you’re enjoying my feed too, I love instagram, it’s such a wonderful community of people and where some of my dearest friends have been made. If you’re on instagram, I’d love to meet you, simply leave a comment under this photo on Instagram, I’d love to take a peek at your feed. I hope everyone has a wonderful month planned, fingers crossed I’ll be able to share my new logo and blog design with you this month – it’s time for a fresh start and a change, I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been busy working on! xo