Portuguese Garden Wedding

While Ben and I were traveling around Spain in 2009 we stumbled upon this absolutely amazing restaurant/venue hidden away in the back streets of Seville. The second we walked in we immediately decided that if money was no option we would have held our wedding there, the food, music and atmosphere was beyond amazing! The second I saw this stunning garden wedding held in Lisbon on De Alma e Coração‘s incredible blog it quickly brought back all the memories of that beautiful venue in Spain as this was one of our how we originally dreamed our wedding may have looked – we still served the most amazing paella though! The rustic table settings, vintage tins used for cutlery and of course beautiful but incredible simple flowers used at this stunning wedding really does invite you to sit down all night and celebrate with your closest friends and family!



One of the wonderful perks about working from home is the creative little space that you’re able to create for your self – and of course getting to style it just the way you like! I’m forever pinching myself that my passion became my job which allows me to work from home, it really is something I’m forever grateful for. I have to admit since working from home I’ve become a little obsessed with workspaces which you can see from my endless pins here - there is just something so wonderful about being able to create a space that works just for you and your needs, and the great part is that you’re able to change it around to suit your mood.

I stumbled upon the beautiful office above by Cecilie Slykke a while ago on Pinterest and quickly fell madly in love with it – it’s just so perfect and I could quite easily find my self working in this lovely space for hours on end! So of course I simply had to create a little wish list of items for my home office, because who doesn’t love gorgeous new items to help inspire them! I’d love to hear what your favourite item or items are. x

| Office, Cecilie Slykke | Stendig Calendar, LET LIV | Z Lamp, LET LIV | Wooden Filing Holder, Father Rabbit | Trestle Desk, Freedom | Half Moon Basket, Ferm Living | Llama Del Ray Print, Alice Berry. Endemic World | Eames dsw Chair, Nood | Silver Uashmama Paper Bag, Crave Home | Gentle Reminders Pencils, Amanda Catherine Designs |














14 Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a really lovely weekend! You’ve no doubt guessed from all of my photos of flowers that I’ve become a little obsessed with gardens lately – they’re just so pretty, and of course incredibly rewarding when learning how to become a green thumb pays off and your garden grows some beautiful blooms! To say that I’m completely head over heals in love with this stunning secret garden wedding by Feather and Stone is a little bit of an understatement – everything is beyond perfect and it really does  look like something straight out of a Jane Austin novel or of course The Secret Garden it’s self! I’ve no doubt that if we were able to go back in time and re-do our wedding I’d have a garden wedding, it’s just so magical! You can of course see more of this absolutely beautiful wedding by Feather and Stone here. x


One of the very many things about being a beautiful bride-to-be is being able to go a little over the top with all things girly – there really is nothing more wonderful than spending a few lazy hours relaxing and being pampered with your stunning bridesmaids. I’ve no doubt that these delicious products will help you relax in the lead up to your special day. x

 {bridal essentials}

1. Help make you’re getting ready photos that little bit more glamours and have everyone in the bridal party wear beautiful floral dressing gowns by Peter Alexander

2. Everyone loves receiving a beautiful handwritten note in the mail, this gorgeous stationery set by Rifle Paper Co will help make your thank you notes so special.

3. Being a blushing bride is incredibly thirsty work, to keep your skin looking beautiful and fresh for your wedding photos be sure to sip on Brita’s Fill & Go filtered water bottles between those delicious glasses of champagne.

4. After months of planning and organising your special day, what could be more perfect than enjoying a relaxing bath the night before you say I do – these gorgeous bath salts by Angel Face Botanicals will help take away any stresses and of course these delicious bubbles by Library of Flowers will keep your skin nice and soft.

5. No wedding day {or the lead up to it} is complete without a little pampering, cups of delicious tea and beautiful candles – this stunning limited edition wedding pack by Sample Bar is the perfect gift for yourself and your bridesmaids to help prepare for your big day.

6. The best part of your whole day will be when you say “I do” to your favourite person in the world, what could be more perfect than remembering your wedding day with this stunning I do plate by Odd One Out from Mildred and Co.

7. Keep you nails pretty and healthy with the most gorgeous range of colours by Scotch Naturals Nail Polish.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far and are looking forward to a lovely weekend! I’m beyond honoured and so excited to share Mel from All The Frills daughters amazing 2nd birthday party – I could easily gush on forever about this incredible party, from the amazing table settings, delicious dessert tables and of course the most gorgeous play house you’ll ever see, complete with unicorns and pink flamingos it really would be every little girls dream party! So much so that I already have Mel booked for all our of future kiddies birthday parties, I’m yet to meet anyone who can style a party like Mel! You might remember Sienna’s incredible 1st birthday party last year, that was also captured by the wonderful Jel Photography, it was so amazing and I’m already dying to see what Mel will create for Sienna’s 3rd birthday – I’ve not doubt it will be too beautiful for words! I hope everyone has a really lovely weekend planned. x

| Party styling and design, All The Frills | Photography, Jel Photography |







Inspiration print  AFFICHE #02 is from LES ZIGOUIS


We are doing Wednesday on the Thursday this week.

Just confuse you a little, or to make the week seem shorter, you decide…

( Like those brilliant chose your own path books I read as a kid )

This week I wanted to not only attempt to inspire you, but impart a little wisdom in your own home decoration. When meeting with a client this week we were talking about inspiration for the room. It is always so hard to figure out where to start, how to choose what the mood and feel of the room will be. There are so many options, and as much as I love Pinterest it doesn’t always help. So here is my helpful hint. Pick an object, whatever it may be. A piece of furniture, a rug, or in our case today a print and draw your inspiration from it. Pull out the colours or shapes, the feel or texture and let yourself roll from there. You will soon find your path, and if you don’t like it, you can always change the ending.

Thank you choose your own path books, what a endless stream of enlightenment  you are.

Till next time.


bathroom luxe Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all had a really lovely week. I’ve had a wonderful week full of catching up with lots of lovely people, tidying up my workspace with Gem, admiring the cutest video ever from my ruffle cake workshop at Studio 46 and of course dreaming up new ideas for our home on pinterest.

One thing that has been on our never ending to do list for a while now is our bathroom, it’s not in a terrible shape but it certainly does need a little love. But of course with all renovations they’re never as simple as they appear, for us to renovate the bathroom we’d also have to redo the laundry so that all the shiny new plumbing we had installed when our kitchen was renovated would work together – hehe, it’s probably why our bathroom still on the to do list! In saying that though, you don’t have to completely renovate when a few gorgeous new pieces and some lovely storage items really can transform any space – I’m very very smitten with the oak mirror, canisters and sky planter, they’re too perfect for words! I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing and cozy weekend planned, I’d love to hear what you’re thinking of doing around your home. x

| sky planter | blueberry & vanilla candle |oak mirror for kate sylvester | hand & body wash | wire baskets | bath towel | canisters | bathmat |

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex

Maria and Jason | Photography by Coralee & Alex Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had the most incredible weekend – ours was very lazy and much needed so it was perfect. I’m beyond honoured and so excited to share one of the most beautiful weddings from our glorious summer to help warm everyone a little on this chilly winters day. I fell madly in love with this wedding after seeing the photos that Coralee & Alex took, and while in Sydney not long ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Maria over a very delicious lunch, she really is the sweetest person in the whole wide world and I’m so excited to share her beautiful wedding – you also must take a peek at her blog Mia Loves Pretty, it’s beyond incredible!

I truly don’t have the words to explain just how stunning Maria and Jase’s Wedding is, from starting the day off with series of challenges for Jase, a beautiful  traditional tea ceremony, the sweetest of first looks and of course the most beautiful vows ever – Jase said his vows on one knee as he hadn’t gotten onto one knee when he proposed to Maria, how absolutely gorgeous is that! Photographed by the incredibly talented Coralee & Alex, this really is the most beautiful wedding of the season, you also must take a peek at Bubblerock’s amazing videos of the day here and here – I’ve no doubt you’ll shed a happy tear, everything about their wedding is so perfect. x