The festive season really is well and truly here – with gorgeous Christmas inspiration and gift wrapping ideas popping up everywhere and of course countless invites to end of year parties it really is the most wonderful time of the year and the perfect time to indulge in a little sparkle! And of course what could be more perfect than a beautiful sequin party dress, accessories, invites and party horns to help celebrate the night away. x

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Summer really is right around the corner and that means ice cream weather – it quickly becomes a little tradition of ours to wander to the dairy (corner shop) and get a ice cream while we go for a evening stroll, it’s just such a lovely way to spend a evening! So I thought what could be more perfect than whipping up a quick ice cream treat for yourself or your friends when they come over for a lazy summer BBQ.

Whenever I make a batch of ginger thins I always freeze half of the mixture so that I can whip up a few cookies whenever the mood strikes, there is something so lovely about having a homemade cookie without having to do any prep work. I’m also yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have a tub of delicious Tip Top Hokey Pokey Ice Cream tucked safely away in their freezer – it’s an absolute kiwi icon and is such a crowd pleaser. So I thought what could be more perfect than combining delicious crispy ginger thins with smooth crunchy hokey pokey and making a a few ice cream sandwich – the end result is amazing and the best part is how wonderfully simple they are to whip up for any summer party. x

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Goodness me, is anyone else finding that this week is zooming by just a little too quickly? I’ve been wonderfully busy baking lots of delicious wedding cakes for a gorgeous mid week wedding, honestly the most lovely job ever! I mentioned in my post the other day that I was asked to be a bridesmaid over the weekend at our friends wedding this year (insert lots of exciting squeals!!!) I only just realised too that it also means planning a wonderful hens night for the lovely bride to be! I can’t think of anything more perfect than this gorgeous collection of What to Wear, by The Big Day to celebrate a very glam night out with a very beautiful bride to be! x

Silver Clutch by Max | Drop Earrings by Dyrberg Kern | Silver Bangle by Dyrberg Kern | Black Sequin Dress by Max |‘Golden Eye’ Nailpolish by Opi | T-Bar Peep Toe Heels by Max | ‘Desire’ Fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana 

sparkle Is there anything more lovely than an oh so pretty and sparkly manicure from the wonderful Monaco Nails to welcome in the New Year – I always feel so spoilt when I go and see Penny, she’s so lovely to chat to, very talented and has so many gorgeous colours and styles to choose from for your pretty nails! I love the start of each new year, you’ve had time over the Christmas holidays to think things through, take each warm lazy day as it comes, take lots of afternoon naps and of course set a few exciting goals and resolutions for the year ahead – I try not to set impossible goals each year, but I do love setting a little challenge for myself. So here are a few of my resolutions for this year, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what exciting resolutions/goals you’d love to achieve in exciting new 2013, it could be as simple and beautiful as Laura from The Velvet Doe’s 31 Days of Positivity . x

1. Always put my family and friends first

I know that this is a fairly simple goal, and one that maybe shouldn’t really be a goal. But I want to try my hardest to not lest the ‘day to day’ things to get in the way of being there for the people that you love most.

2. Take time with my ideas and don’t rush things

This is going to be very tricky for me! I’m like a little kid with ideas I get incredibly excited and passionate about them and can easily bounce from one to the next without taking the time to think about the first or give it the time it needs – it ends up getting me very very frazzled and confused. So this year I’m not going to rush into things so quickly, I’m going to take my time and think things through a little – even if it takes me longer to fulfil my idea, that’s more than ok by me!

3. Try a new recipe every few weeks

Like most foodies and bakers out there, I have a silly amount of cookbooks that I adore but don’t use as much as I would like to. So this year I’m going to make my way through each delicious book and make something new and tasty – and of course share it with all of you!

4. Look after myself

This is no doubt on everyone’s list, and for good reason too – nothing is more important than looking after yourself, if you’re not ok, then how are we to find the energy to be there for our loved ones? So this year, I want to get to the gym a little more, eat more fresh food and take time for myself when needed – that means going to bed a little earlier instead of spending all night on pinterest :)

5. Grow Made From Scratch

I adore my little space on the internet, and I’m forever amazed and so honoured that I’m able to share so many beautiful things with so many of you – but like everything I want to make things even better. So one of my goals for this year is to make Made From Scratch even more wonderful for you, I have some lovely little ideas for the blog and I can’t wait to share them with you. I can tell you one thing though, it’s going to be very pretty and filled to the brim with beautiful new content, stunning weddings and styled shoots and lots of yummy recipes, Made From Scratch of course!

Happy 2013 everyone – here’s to a wonderful and very exciting new year. xo

Happy Monday everyone, how was your first weekend of December? Oh my, is anyone else excited that it’s almost Christmas and the New Year? I’m beyond honoured to share this stunning New Years Eve styled wedding from the latest Lovely Wedding Magazine, complete with champagne, turkish delight, raspberry cake, beautiful blooms, party poppers and of course lost of sparkle! Perfectly styled by Prunella and photographed by Erin + Tara this breathtaking wedding would be beyond perfect for any Christmas or New Year bride this year.  x

| Source, Lovely Wedding Magazine | Flowers & Styling, Prunella | Photography, Erin + Tara | Hair & Makeup, Melinda Wain | Wine,  Banks Fine Wine | Food, Inner Biscuit | Chandelier & Mirror, Vixen & Velvet | Cushion, Aura Home |

Happy Friday everyone, I am beyond excited to share with you part one of what myself and a group of very talented ladies and gents worked on a few weeks ago! We had the absolute privilege and honour of styling and shooting a mock wedding out at the ridiculously beautiful Abbeville Estate - by far the most wonderful location for any wedding or event. The ‘bride’ wore two amazing dresses from Rue de Seine her hair and make up was beautiful styled by the wonderfully talented Kaitlin Chapman and our very dapper ‘groom’ was dressed by the ever stylish Crane Brothers! The oh so stunning flowers were by Blush Flowers, the sweetest invites ever were designed by the wonderfully talented Lucy Olive Designs and the stunning photos were captured by Poppy Moss - phew and that’s only part one! I will never be able to thank everyone enough for all their help with this shoot, it was beyond beautiful – enjoy part one, there are two more delicious posts to come. xo

Happy Friday everyone, how has your week been? Oh gosh, mine has been incredible, I have been completely blown away by how generous, kind and wonderful each and everyone of my readers, contributes and sponsors are – I will never be able to express how much you all mean to me! I have been busy chatting to some very talented ladies all week and we have something very exciting lined up that I can’t wait to share with you. I have had the absolute honor of being mentioned as one of the Hot Five’s on NZ Girl, something I am completely beside my self about. Also, a very lovely reader of mine just got in touch with me saying that the stunning Treehouse Wedding I featured, was in fact her wedding we both couldn’t believe it – naturally we have been excitedly emailing each other all afternoon! Phew what a glorious week! I am forever amazed and so humbled by all the beautiful and very talented people that I have met since starting Made From Scratch, you all mean the world to me and I want to thank you all so very much for your fantastic support. I hope you have a truly fantastic weekend planned. x

Ah well so much for the warm summer days I was talking about yesterday, the weather is now back to grey, rainy and gloomy! On a brighter note, how incredible is this Pop Art inspired wedding, it would be so much fun to attend a wedding like this plus how sweet is the cartoon of the bride and groom. You can see more of this amazing wedding here