A small selection of my favourite blonde wood, blush, natural leather, copper and mint tones from the always inspiring Douglas and Bec. If you haven’t been to their beautiful store, go, it’s a true feast the for eyes, or better yet make a lovely day out of it by visiting their beautiful St Mary’s Bay store and cafe hop to the delicious Zus & Zo next door. Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a truly magical weekend planned! x

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Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far – my goodness it’s been a busy one! I’m so excited about this weekend, two of our very best friends are getting married in the same spot that we did over three years ago – it’s going to be so special. I hope you all have a truly magical weekend planned, and if your planning on doing a little indoor plant shopping be sure to take a peek at this very helpful, and absolutely gorgeous, House Plant 101 Guide from the amazing DesignLoveFest! Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I’d love to hear what you have planned. x


The Foxes Den




The-Foxes-Den-2 Hello, I hope everyone had a truly wonderful weekend and were spoilt rotten by your Valentine! I’m so excited to introduce you to one of the most beautiful new online shops that New Zealand has to offer, The Foxes Den! Based in Christchurch The Foxes Den recently opened their virtual shop doors to truly perfect selection of must have items for your home – they believe that “simple everyday events can become a pleasure when done beautifully. Like drinking wine from exquisite stemware or serving coffee with a saucer” and that it’s the little details in life that make everything feel like a luxury – it’s something I couldn’t agree with more! I must admit I’ve fallen a little head over heels in love with their sin paper porcelain plate range, each piece is lovingly handmade by Virginia sin in Brooklyn, USA – these really are a true work of art and a collection of these really would be such a special addition to your kitchen! I hope you enjoy having a little wander around their lovely online shop as much as I have. x

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Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a truly stunning weekend enjoying this magical summer weather we’ve been having lately. I love settling back in to work on a Monday, checking my emails and seeing the most beautiful new season items from one of my favourite online stores – the ever stylish LET LIV. If you haven’t had a peek at their online store in a while you simply must go and have a look, there are so many new to die for items that’s it’s becoming harder and harder to choose a favourite. Right now at the top of my wish list, is the stunning hanging hammock chair, some new cushions and classic marble and wooden candle holders! What’s on your wish list? x

Phew, Happy Friday everyone I hope you’ve all had a truly wonderful week so far. Ours has been out of control busy with work, bathroom renovations and trying to keep the settling jib dust away from the rest of our home. Last weekend before the madness of ripping down walls started, I whipped up the most delicious batch of Blueberry pancakes – it’s something that simply had to be done as we’re experiencing the most stunning blueberry season at the moment! These incredibly simple and delicious pancakes were such a hit that I think I’m going to have to make them again as they really are so perfect for lazy weekend brunches. I hope you have a lovely weekend planned, and fingers crossed we’ll be able to share the finished product of our bathroom very soon. x

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Over the weekend I shared a few delicious sneak peeks of this gorgeous Black Doris Plum and Vanilla Layer Cake that I made for Ben’s Nana’s 90th Birthday party – which of course you can see here and here if you missed them. And as promised, I’m so thrilled to share my new recipe for one of the most delicious cakes I’ve made in a while. The vanilla soaked sweetness and sometimes tartness of the plums work so perfectly with this delicate vanilla cake and icing – the best part is this gorgeous summer cake is wonderfully simple to prepare, ridiculously pretty and will quickly become a crowd favourite at your next celebration. I hope you enjoy it as much our family did. x

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7 Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a truly wonderful weekend. We were down at Mount Maunganui for the weekend for a running race that my hubby was apart of – which of course gave me lots of time to do a little shopping at the beautiful Paper Plane store. If you haven’t been you must, and if you can’t make it be sure to have a peek at their online shop – it’s beyond divine! I stumbled upon this absolutely stunning mid century home on Coco Lapine Design a while ago and have been dying to share it with you all – I could gush on forever about the beautiful textures in this home! The white walls, dark wooden furniture, marble and of course the stunning combination of different floors really is beyond perfect – I could happily, and very easily, call a space like this home. x

Like everyone I’ve become completely obsessed with Instagram, it’s always full of beautiful new images, the community is absolutely stunning and of course it’s a wonderful way to share a little behind the scenes peeks of your business. There really is nothing more wonderful than stumbling upon beautiful instagram accounts, other than of course sharing them with you. In no particular order, here are a few of my favourite new feeds that I stumbled upon recently, they’re beyond stunning and I’ve no doubt that you’ll be a fan of their work in no time. Also don’t forget that you can also follow Made From Scratch on Instagram too, I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend planned. x

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