Wooden Crates

1. Kiddies 2. Wedding 3. Herb Garden 4. Utensils 5. Kitchen 6. Flowers

After spending all weekend painting our new home bright white, I also had alot of time to think about what will be adorning these walls. Ben and I already own alot of art, so that will take up a lot of wall space, but I love the idea of having a few vintage wooden crates around the place for a little extra storage! I also love how versatile they are, they can be used for almost anything from kitchen, bedrooms, herb garden or wedding table settings. Love it!!

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  • Susana@citrusandorange

    Great post – I love wooden crates as well! I have mine on the garden, to give them a weathered vintage look! :)

    • Made From Scratch

      Thank you so much Susana, so glad that you like it! I really love the idea of having them in the garden, I just have to wait until summer to be able to potter in ours! What do you have in your wooden crates? xx

  • cindy

    love the crates on the wall!

    • Made From Scratch

      Oh I know arn’t they so pretty, they would be so beautiful for any room to add a little extra storage. xx

  • Susana@citrusandorange

    Hi again! I have a few vases on them – I don’t use them as a vase, as they don’t have holes and plants need water to run through. :)

    • Made From Scratch

      Aw that’s such a nice idea, I bet the look gorgeous! Oh I can’t wait to get in our garden and start pottering. xx

  • Sam

    Hi I absolutely love the wooden crates look and you’ve done it well! Do you have any hints on where to start looking for wooden crates? They don’t seem to be easy to come by… Thanks

    • Made From Scratch

      Hi Sam, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Ah the best places to find them I think would be at farmers markets, hardware shops {maybe} even go to a wine shop and see if they have any left over that you may be able to purchase. We got a few that way years ago and they are now holding cds, but soon to be something a little prettier! xx

  • jacqui

    love the crates on the wall and that is exactly what i want to do with our home, however I am struggling to find wooden crates! Any tips? Thanks!

    • Made From Scratch

      Aw thank you Jacqui they’re prefect for around the home, I’ve been lucky enough to find a few abandoned on the side of the road. This website though is amazing for all sorts of boxes and creates, hope it helps. xx