IMG_1378 Summer and ice cream really do go hand in hand – it’s just so delicious, wonderfully refreshing and always a crowd pleaser. I’m struggling to bring myself to bake anything at the moment, mostly because it just seems weird to be baking on a warm summers day, plus there is something so wonderful about whipping up a dessert that takes no time at all to prepare. This stunning slice is one of those desserts, and of course there really is something so magical about paring classic Tip Top Hokey Pokey with vanilla infused grilled peaches – this simple dessert really is perfect for summer, and of course to whip up for a any last minute Waitangi Day celebrations tomorrow. x

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Phew, Happy Friday everyone I hope you’ve all had a truly wonderful week so far. Ours has been out of control busy with work, bathroom renovations and trying to keep the settling jib dust away from the rest of our home. Last weekend before the madness of ripping down walls started, I whipped up the most delicious batch of Blueberry pancakes – it’s something that simply had to be done as we’re experiencing the most stunning blueberry season at the moment! These incredibly simple and delicious pancakes were such a hit that I think I’m going to have to make them again as they really are so perfect for lazy weekend brunches. I hope you have a lovely weekend planned, and fingers crossed we’ll be able to share the finished product of our bathroom very soon. x

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A little while ago there was some very excited murmuring around the home decor world that Nest was retuning, and thank goodness the rumours were true because this iconic New Zealand homewares shop has re-opened their beautiful and well styled doors to a very excited fan base. We were lucky enough to have our wedding registry with Nest and I’m beyond thrilled that their back and of course stocking some of the most beautiful kitchen, serveware and of course linen – their classic, beachy, and forever stylish range really is something that will last a lifetime – plus I’m a tiny bit obsesses, with their new enamel and ceramic ranges, they’re beyond stunning! For those who were a fan, you’ll be pleased to know that their beautiful new store is open in Newton, Auckland, otherwise you can of course shop online and admire their beautiful lookbook! It’s so so wonderful to have you back Nest. x








Goodness me, can anyone else believe that January is almost at a end already?! The first month of 2014 for us has been so wonderful for us, so I thought I’d share a little from Instagram of what we’ve been up too. We’ve certainly hit the ground running with work, renovations around our home, events that we didn’t get time to enjoy last year and of course catching up with family and friends. We’ve been renovating our home (I can’t wait to share some updated photos) constantly since we bought it in 2011 and we’re, almost, done with all the major interior work – the bathroom and laundry are the final parts to this never ending puzzle, as well as a little more work around our garden and we should, hopefully, be able to put our feet up and enjoy our home very soon. Plus I’ll have my office back soon, which I’m so excited about! I’d love to hear how your January has been so far and if you’re doing anything around your home how it’s going. xo 

1. A little, and pretty, desk organising is the perfect way to start a year or week.

2. Summer is here and that calls for delicious fresh blueberries!

3. I’m completely in love with this garden wall from Freedom NZ, I’m thinking of making one for our garden- plus they’re now on Instagram, which is so exciting!

4. I spotted this gorgeous garden wall before a meeting one day.

5. The start of our bathroom renovation – I promise I’ll be sharing lots of photos once it’s all done.

6. Strawberry glaze donuts with sprinkles are always a good idea!

7. We, along with 9000 others, had the best morning ever being apart of the 5km Colour Run – you start off pristine in white and finish multi coloured, if you get a chance to do this event, do it’s so fantastic!

8. I can’t not mention that the beautiful Lorde, Ella, won two Grammy’s last night – it’s absolutely incredible and NZ couldn’t be prouder! I can’t wait to see her perform tomorrow night at Silo Park! xox

Happy Monday everyone, I hope everyone in Auckland is having a lovely long weekend so far! I’m beyond excited and so thrilled to help announce that the most delicious Tip Top Strawberry Toppa Ice Creams are back for a limited time – I’ve never seen my hubby so excited about ice cream before, he said it was one of his favourite childhood sweets from the local dairy and couldn’t believe that they’re back. So to celebrate this exciting occasion for New Zealand ice cream, I thought I would whip up the most delicious, and wonderfully easy, Strawberry Toppa Ice Cream Tart – with chucks of strawberry toppa scattered throughout the filling atop a crumbly biscuit and pistachio base, this tangy strawberry and creamy dessert is beyond perfect to make on a lazy weekend. x  

The Tip Top Strawberry Toppa will be available from Monday 27th January for a limited time only in supermarkets, dairies and convenience stores nationwide.

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Over the weekend I shared a few delicious sneak peeks of this gorgeous Black Doris Plum and Vanilla Layer Cake that I made for Ben’s Nana’s 90th Birthday party – which of course you can see here and here if you missed them. And as promised, I’m so thrilled to share my new recipe for one of the most delicious cakes I’ve made in a while. The vanilla soaked sweetness and sometimes tartness of the plums work so perfectly with this delicate vanilla cake and icing – the best part is this gorgeous summer cake is wonderfully simple to prepare, ridiculously pretty and will quickly become a crowd favourite at your next celebration. I hope you enjoy it as much our family did. x

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Happy Monday everyone, even though it’s a little gloomy and rainy today after the most perfect summers weekend – that doesn’t mean that summer isn’t still still here, or that delicious summer drinks can’t be made up to cool down on a beautiful day. I’m so thrilled to be working alongside Tip Top Ice Cream again this year and am incredibly honoured to share my first recipe of 2014. With more beautiful summer days to come I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than whipping up a few delicious, incredibly refreshing and oh so easy Tropical Summer Crush –  with the long weekend coming up I’ve a feeling this delicious drink will quickly become a staple in your home this summer. x

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I’m beyond excited that my first recipe on the blog this year is from the gorgeous Mia from Mia Loves Pretty – especially as it’s to do with one of my all time favourite fruits, mango! My Grandparents have the most incredible mango orchid back in our home town in Queensland, so amazing that I refuse to eat any mango that they haven’t grown – so summer for me and all of our family and friends means eating far too many mangoes and forever washing your arms and face to stop any acid burns from the stunningly rich fruit. So you could only imagine my sheer delight when Mia sent through this delicious Fresh Mango Pops recipe – not only is it wonderfully simple to make it would be the most perfect afternoon treat for any summers day, even Mia’s adorable puppy likes them! I hope everyone is have a lovely summer so far, I’m off to see if I can find a mango that is hopefully as good as the ones my Grandparents grown each year so I can whip up a batch of Mia Loves Pretty’s delicious Mango Pops. x

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